Friday, October 31, 2014

Conditional Formatting w/ MIN(1)

Dan Montgomery is officially my favorite vizzer right now, with his brilliant post yesterday on using MIN(1) as a place holder for multiple measures. Check out his blog post and then come back here to learn how you can use this trick for conditional formatting.

In my example I used my college football weekly (most weeks, not this one, sorry sports fans!) data set to show the average rank, points for and points against for each of the football conferences with a team that's been in the top 25 over the course of the season. Keep going after the viz to see how I did it.

The first step was to add 3 MIN(1) place holders in the columns shelf and conference in the rows shelf:

I used a simple text label for the average ranking, and then switched the marks to gantt bars for my next two columns. The trick here is to put MIN(1) on the size shelf for your gantt bars giving you an axis of 0-3 with a gantt bar from 1-2. To make this fit your window, just change the size of your axis to be fixed from 1-2. You'll also click over to the "Tick Marks" tab and check None for both options.

Now that you have your bars, add your measure of choice to both color and label. Here is what your marks pane should look like when you're done:

Make sure you center those labels and format accordingly! You can see in the example, that my two measures are actually using two different color scales (since more points scored is good and more points against is bad) to give the effect of conditional formatting for two different measures. There you go folks. Thanks to Dan Montgomery, I am going to have lots of happy customers!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 8 - College Football Weekly Wrap-up

Finally a week that made sense! Not a lot of movement this week as only one team moved up more than 3 rankings. This week I've added the ability to see your team's or conference's movements throughout the whole season. You can also select a range of weeks to view. Check out the viz to see the scores from this week and the resulting movement.

What do you think next week's new feature should be?

Monday, October 13, 2014

College Football Weekly Wrap-up and Evolving Viz

We had another crazy one this week, with some more movement and big time playoff implications. Check out the viz below for this week's story points and slopegraph on the week's biggest games.

I've also decided that in addition to doing a weekly update I will add one feature to the weekly viz. First up, I've added all the games for the year and a parameter which allows you to pick which week you want to view on the final story point. Now you can track your favorite team through the whole season. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for next week's new feature!

Monday, October 6, 2014

College Football Weekly Wrap-up

This week in college football left me no choice but to slopegraph it. Check out this handy tutorial by Ben Jones (@dataremixed) for a tutorial on throwing together your own slopegraph. Don't get any ideas, about a weekly college football wrap-up, because that's my plan! Check out the viz below for what is a completely unbiased and not at all highlighting Auburn's accomplishments and Bama's loss viz of all the movement after this week's wild college football games. Hope all you sports/viz fans enjoy my first venture in to story points.